Folding shopping bags

Borse ripiegabili personalizzate a forma di fragola su prato

Folding shopping bags

Folding shopping bags are a simple but useful and appreciated present . They guarantee a huge diffusion of your personal brand logo.

A folding shopping bag can be used  in daily routine activities.

Non woven foldable shopper - TAE

Cod Articolo: 31717

Starting from € 0,52
Foldable shopper in heat-sealed TNT 80 g/m2, short handles

Cod Articolo: 23444

Starting from € 0,68
resealable shopping bag velcro closure long handles stitched trims silkscreen
Non woven foldable shopper - SAKI

Cod Articolo: 29586

Starting from € 0,68
Foldable shopper with bellows in 80 g/m2 TNT, short handles

Cod Articolo: 23443

Starting from € 0,75
shopping bag resealable purse plastic button closure short handles stitched trims silkscreen

Cod Articolo: 9356

Starting from € 0,83
pizza bag maximum capacity 6 pcs. closing lace short handles reinforced seams silkscreen

Cod Articolo: 23438

Starting from € 1,00
190T nylon shopping bag foldable with elastic long handles screen printing - sublimation (BI)
Resealable shopper - SWEET

Cod Articolo: 15941

Starting from € 1,12
Strawberry-shaped foldable shopper in 190T polyester, with customizable leaf and plastic snap hook, long handles
Resealable shopper - ROSE

Cod Articolo: 15943

Starting from € 1,12
Rose-shaped foldable shopper in 190T polyester, with plastic snap hook, long handles
Fruit-shaped shopper - FRUIT

Cod Articolo: 15944

Starting from € 1,12
Beach bag in 600D polyester with long handles, purse and zip closures
Resealable shopper - JOY

Cod Articolo: 15942

Starting from € 1,18
Shopper with bellows in 190T polyester foldable into sachet, long handles
FOLDABLE Non Woven Shopper - NOZOMI

Cod Articolo: 15949

Starting from € 1,27
Foldable shopper with stitched nonwoven 80g/m2 gusset, short handles