Personalized standard umbrellas

Ombrelli standard personalizzati con logo aziendale

Personalized standard umbrellas 

Personalized standard umbrellas are an everlasting classic that try to reach the baance between elegance and utility. Classic umbrellas with logo are the perfect gift to maximize brand’s reach.

In this way you can transform your customers and your employeers in brand ambassadors. Many important brands rely on PiPromotion for their personalized umbrellas.


SHINE automatic umbrella 21''

Cod Articolo: 29573

Starting from € 3,08
Transparent POE automatic umbrella with steel shaft and curved plastic handle

Cod Articolo: 32223

Starting from € 3,11
mini manual umbrella with sheath 3 sections metal stem colored plastic handle colored wrist strap velcro closure screen printing - transfer - sublimatic (BI)
LOLLIPOP children's umbrella

Cod Articolo: 3966

Starting from € 3,15
LOLLIPOP children's umbrella with safety opening: metal rib and spokes, plastic tips and curved handle, polyester cover
Automatic umbrella - UKKO

Cod Articolo: 16670

Starting from € 3,25
Solid color automatic umbrella, steel stem and tip, curved plastic handle
Automatic classic umbrella - LIMBO

Cod Articolo: 33461

Starting from € 3,50
Classic automatic umbrella LIMBO: metal rib and spokes, color-matched plastic tips, handle in wood look, polyester cover, hook-and-loop closure
Automatic umbrella - EARTH

Cod Articolo: 31809

Starting from € 3,52
Automatic umbrella with metal frame and curved plastic handle, customizable closing ribbon
Classic umbrella - DISCO

Cod Articolo: 33159

Starting from € 3,60
Classic DISCO umbrella with automatic opening: metal rib and spokes, plastic tips and curved handle, polyester cover
Automatic umbrella DECEMBER 23"

Cod Articolo: 22106

Starting from € 3,77
Umbrella with metal shaft and ribs and plastic handle.
Automatic umbrella - TANGO

Cod Articolo: 33160

Starting from € 3,79
RUDRA automatic wooden umbrella: metal spokes, wooden tips and curved handle, polyester cover
Automatic umbrella, in 170 T polyester Ivanna

Cod Articolo: 33706

Starting from € 3,80
Automatic umbrella, eight panels, metal frame, plastic handle, in 170 T polyester
NOVEMBER 23'' automatic umbrella

Cod Articolo: 22098

Starting from € 3,85
Automatic umbrella with metal rods and ribs and wooden handle.
Automatic transparent umbrella - PANORAMIC

Cod Articolo: 35381

Starting from € 3,91
PANORAMIC automatic transparent umbrella with shoulder strap: metal rib and spokes, plastic tips and handle, POE coating